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Training Tips

1. When possible, train in front of a mirror or glass door. After stacking  dog, look at the reflection to get the view others see. Continue looking into the reflection from time to time during the training session.

2. Always set the front legs first, as most of the dog’s weight is supported by the front.

3. For young puppies (5-16 weeks) place their front feet on the pads until they look comfortable. Place your fingers between their crotch and your thumb as close to the  middle of their back as possible, raise their rear over the rear pads. If possible, keep them suspended until you feel their back relax, then lower their rear on the pads. No more roachy backs.

4. To get a dog up over themselves (or if they are posting/pulling back),  place your fingers under their tail at the base. Place your thumb in  front of the base of the tail. With gentle pressure, push your thumb  into the tail for approximately 3 seconds and let go. This should cause them to shift forward. This technique is  demonstrated in Stacking A Puppy On UDS video.

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