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Vickie Clarkeposted to Ultimate Dog Stacker

February 19Just received my Ultimate Dog Stacker...I must say, these are a MUST. I have a 4 1/2 month old male, that of course, has never seen or been on  a stacker before..nor have I ever used one before. After I assembled the  stacker, with the small foot pads, I wanted to see what Ripley  would do...1st time was a big success.. He wasn't in the least bit  afraid or shaky. However with his big feet, I needed the larger feet great, great investment. !!! Thank you Bonnie Wagaman!

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February 4We took our puppy pics with the Ultimate Dog Stacker today and it  worked great!!! the puppies accepted it very easily and it was really  easy to use....very well made too!!! Thanks Bonnie Wagaman !!!

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March 7These two photos were taken a few days apart. We were having trouble  with this puppy wanting to bridge and back out of his collar (top  picture). Not to mention move his feet whenever he saw bait! The  Ultimate Dog  Stacker helped us quickly solve all of those problems and  be able to show our handlers and friends a true representation of the  dog!

Ultimate Dog Stacker

May 28 Got an email from Shay-Vic Boxers raving about her experience with the Ultimate Dog Stacker. With her permission, I am posting her comments and the pictures she sent me.

Bonnie, just wanted you to know how PLEASED I am with the stacker. This is my 7 week old Wynne (a Patton x Jubee baby) doing her thing. It was so cool  to see her quickly figure out what she needed to do. Great   PRODUCT!!!!!! It really amazed me how fast Wynne (Shayvic's Winds of  War) figured out what to do and with little help from Lacy. I was even able to set her up myself and she stayed on the blocks comfortably--I'm pretty clueless about dog stacking!!! Thanks again Bonnie for making a great product that is VERY helpful for stacking dogs CORRECTLY. I feel I can use them and NOT do something wrong that will mess them up and that my handler will need to undo.

7/14/2013 Jennifer Paul makes the following comment on one of her posts:Bonnie Wagaman I have been playing with my puppy stacker and I really like my toy! Even a klutz like me can stack a puppy on it!

1/23/2014  Hiro Nitta sent the following email:  “Hello, I would like to inform you that my standard poodle bitch Nozomi won  BOS, BW, and Best of Owner-Handler 2 weekends ago. Furthermore, she won  Group 2 of Owner-Handler Non-sporting Group. She does free stacks so  beautifully now. Thank you very much for such a wonderful product. I  will keep using it until she finishes her title. I should mention that  now she puts her front feet on the stacker by herself :-)


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