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Both the Supreme and Original Oak Ultimate Dog Stacker (UDS) were designed for adjustability, durability and most importantly stability as a quality training aid for stacking show prospect puppies and young adult dogs. Although a great tool for the ”newbie”, both professional  handlers and breeders benefit from the use of these dog stackers.  Puppies/dogs are stacked easily and learn immediately to keep their feet in place without the stress and anxiety often experienced with  other stackers and training methods. Because the puppy/dog comfortably  stands on the pads, more time is spent working and baiting the dog without the distraction of having to restack the dog, making training time more productive and picture taking a breeze. The value of a great  picture for prospective breeders, families or handlers is immense.

Our  experience with other stackers were both frustrating and expensive. Some stackers on the market topple over while trying to place the dog’s feet on the blocks, particularly young adult puppies and dogs exceeding 20  lbs, because they lack the stability for the weight distribution. Box  stackers allow for foot supports to be placed at the edge of the box for stability; however, more times than not, resulting in an incorrect stacked position. The instability of most stackers causes stress and anxiety for the puppy/dog (and maybe the novice breeder) and the lack of adjustability, often make stacking a dog a difficult, frustrating task.

Stability - The Supreme UDS is designed with stability the priority. Built-in stabilizers allow for weight distribution whether on a table or uneven surface,  preventing the foot supports from toppling over when stacking the dog or making adjustments to the supports, regardless of the weight/size of  the pup/dog. Our stackers are open, allowing young adult/mature dogs to  simply walk up to the stacker, rather than stepping into a box and then  mounting them onto the stacker, potentially creating a tripping hazard.  Being able to walk up to the stacker to be stacked prepares puppies for  the next stage of learning to walk into a stack.

Adjustability - Any configuration takes seconds to arrange and adjustments are quick & easy. There is no right or wrong way to set it up.  Regardless of the breed, size, weight, terrain or surface, the versatility of the stacker allows for those adjustments/requirements. Individually  moving parts makes the UDS the most versatile stacker on the market. Each part can be  turned different directions until you get the best configuration for  your needs. Simply slide the arms  or foot supports wherever you need them. Box stackers have stability,  but lack adjustability and versatility. Other than adjusting the  distance between front and rear legs, options for width and/or height  are nonexistent and a fairly level surface is required for use. Finally, most stackers require the purchase of a small, medium or large unit, limiting the usage to a particular breed  or age. The Supreme stacker is one size fits all due to the numerous adjustments and length of the spine. Both UDS stackers are light weight, particularly the Supreme. Both can be stored/carried in the box in which it is shipped.

Durability - The Supreme stacker is Aluminum, a metal that does not rust. We believe Quality is as important as functionality.

Beware of Cheap Imitations. Ultimate Dog Stacker knockoffs are either produced with short cuts and design  modifications in production that effect stabilization and versatility AND/OR made of common pine/fir, woods that have a tendency to warp,  crack, splinter and chip, particularly where hardware is attached. We  believe quality and functionality make the Supreme and original Ultimate Dog Stacker a SUPERIOR PRODUCT FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE.

With the Ultimate Dog Stacker, more time will be spent training your  puppy/dog with little to no stress. No more dragging or bouncing the  puppy on the table, or mimicking a fall from the edge. No more wobbling  and stackers that topple over to add anxiety. Breeder, handler and dog  will have a stress free training session! Equipment as valuable as your  grooming table.

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