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Like the Original Ultimate Dog Stacker, the Supreme stacker is stable, fully adjustable from toy breed to large, durable and will NOT TOPPLE OVER.

The Supreme stacker is precision milled of solid aluminum, the most corrosion resistant metal on the market. Aluminum doesn't rust. With aluminum there is no paint or coating to wear or scratch off.

Fully adjustable and one size fits all. Like the Original Ultimate Dog Stacker, there is no incorrect way to assemble the stacker. The center of gravity shifts with the components, providing the utmost security. Adjustments are streamlined by simply sliding the arms/feet along the channels for a more precise adjustments. The arms and foot supports are "locked in place" with bolts, eliminating any motion when stacking a pup/dog. Because all four arms move independently, the Supreme stacker accommodates Shepherds who have the staggered stance. No additional parts required. Also, with 4 separate arms, a pair of arms can be eliminated for small breeds when two foot supports are placed on an arm for both the front and rear legs, requiring less surface area.

Elevator bolts on the bottom of each arm allow the user to adjust for uneven surfaces, making the Supreme stacker even more stable.

The foot pads are offset on their post, allowing for more adjustments by simply turning the pad 90 degrees. Each set will include spacers that can be dropped down the foot tubes, raising the foot pads an additional inch, great for training puppies.

The Supreme stacker is considerably lighter, making it easy to carry around, compact for easy storage, and saves on shipping.

The Supreme stacker is machined milled here in the USA. Large quantities are ordered to keep production costs to a minimum, allowing for inventory and a next business day turn around. Each Supreme stacker is shipped with size specific foot pads based on breed. Additional sizes/sets can be purchased separately.

Stacker wSpacers

Standard configuration

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Staggered Stack Configuration

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Small Breeds or Puppy Configuration

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